Malta an Island Studio:
A Maltese saying says that “concentrated essence is to be found in small bottles”
The small island of Malta is a case in point.
Malta comprises a small archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean, half way between Sicily and Northern Africa, measuring a few miles but speaking volumes. The main island Malta, its sister island Gozo, together with Comino, Cominetto and the smaller islands are a meeting of East and West, of modern and ancient, cosmopolitan sophistication, and lazy laid back life.
Malta's history can be tracked back to cave dwellings and the stone age.
The impressive Neolithic Temples found allover the islands, which precede Stonehenge and the Egypt's Pyramids, are a solid reminder of its ancient origin.
Its historical background going back to 5,000 BC, makes out of Malta a living colourful set which is heaven for the film maker.
From its baroque cities to its rocky landscape malta can be traveled from one end to the other in no more than 35 minutes.
The variety of its landscape and architectural periods found along the way makes malta an unequalled location.
Many productions have in the past screened Malta, standing-in, for being many different countries at the same time. Stephen Spielberg's Munich, in which this production company championed the Art Department, filmed Malta for being: Rome, Paris, Israel, Beirut, Cyprus.
The long summer which stretches as far as mid December, and the golden honey natural light, casts a magical aura giving that extra touch to sets which is found nowhere else.
The natural environment however is not the only asset which makes out of Malta an Island Studio.
The long tradition enjoyed by the islanders in film servicing gives Malta its added value.
From the old rooted professionals to the novel enthusiast are a continuous and magnificent support to any production.
Most locals speak the native Maltese, English and often Italian, French and other European languages. The local's friendliness and curtsey is yet another natural feature of the Maltese which earned them a place for a mention even in the Bible! (Acts 28 1-3, 10).
Another aspect which makes Malta an attraction are the financial incentives and rebates offered by Government, which in total may be up to 40% of money spent on Malta.
It is often said by visiting crews that the above is not all. Productions are positively surprised to find that Malta is much more and when discovered is love at first sight.
See you in Malta on your next location scout!

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