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White Coral Films is a one stop shop and acts as intermediary between its clients and the authorities, service providers, and has the possibility to prepare ground for productions in every way.​
White Coral Films ensures that productions get value for money and that all money spent will be to the best of screen value!
It is best to get the information needed direct from White Coral Films after having given all the information regarding the production go to: 'CONTACTS' on our website.
Tailor-made questions will result in specific answers that are particular to the production proposed!
White Coral Films has a large network of service providers. Besides being itself a service provider, it covers almost all walks of the trades which are normally needed!
Working associates help make things easier and more cost effective!
White Coral Films has on its books hundreds of professionals in the various trades some of whom having well over 30 years experience in the industry!
Contact at White Coral Films can be direct through to Ino Bonello or Chris and Cesco who ensure to makes things happen in the best way possible!
White Coral Films offers local facilities to productions and sees that they get the best service from all providers and ensures value for money.
It is best, whenever possible, to make contact with White Coral Films as early as possible preferably in the concept stage, however White Coral Films always gets into projects with the same professional approach irrespective how early or how late its services are requested!
The earlier the contact the better chance White Coral Films has to assist getting better value for money, and not only, to carefully plan logistics which in the long run will result in "Screen Value"
White Coral Films is a member of IB+A Ltd group and offers its services to all administrative aspects of the production from prep to strike and collection of VAT and financial rebates.

Assassin's Creed - Trailer World Premiere​
This is the trailer for the movie “Assassin's Creed” starring Michael Fassbender and Marion ...

Ino Bonello - Art Director Malta​

Chris Bonello - Assistant Locations Manager

White Coral Films is a synergy of professionals who service and collaborate closely with other Maltese and Foreign production companies.
We are proud of our continued service in being the ideal supporting partners in Malta.